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Let’s Talk Marriage, Family, Relationships & Urban Issues with Don and Kathy! Don & Kathy Live! is hosted by Don Shorter, Ph.D. and Kathy Shorter, Board Certified – Marriage & Family Counselor. Learn down-to-earth approaches to overcome life’s setbacks, disappointments, hurts, and challenges and win in business, marriage, and family life. Watch Don & Kathy Live! on television and listen on radio weekly broadcasting on KTBW Channel 20 Seattle / Tacoma and KNMT Channel 24 Portland / Vancouver.

featuringtpiyDr. Donald Shorter travels to present motivational and inspirational presentations regularly. He shares many practical steps of success, in an entertaining, motivating way that causes audiences of his presentations to change their thought as they are encouraged that, “AGAINST ALL ODDS… THINK BIG”. His practical, understandable steps for acquiring success in business and life has resonated with; staff members, managers, and students at various schools, at colleges, seminars, companies, and associations.

shopComingOutofEyptBookDr. Kathy Shorter has over 28 years of experience in helping individuals overcome life’s setbacks, disappointments, hurts, and challenges. Her educational knowledge, practical wisdom, personal experience, along with her down-to-earth approach to solutions to complex problems, and her compassion to help people from all walks of life, has allowed her to be a sought out seminar speaker, Life Coach, and Marriage & Family Counselor. And through her excellent business knowledge and gifted administrative abilities, she has founded many nonprofit agencies to assist children and families. Kathy has authored, “Guard Your Heart”, “Desperate Dieters”, and several others books.

Stylus Magazine Indesign TemplateClick here to read an article by Dr. Donald Shorter, Sr. featured in Solutions Magazine. Kingdom Culture: Marriage & The Family by Dr. Donald Shorter, Sr., page 41.

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