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The Carolyn Michele Baumgart Theater Group (CMB), is a non-profit group of actors, actresses, technicians, backstage assistants and many other working together to bring to life stories of substance to stages and screens. CMB Production Group was founded by Carolyn Michele Baumgart (birth name) to give meaning to the lives of those that seem to have no significance to those in the world around them. The motivation for this purpose for CMB is based on the founders own amazing story of survival as a throw away child with seemingly no apparent significant future.

More Than Musicals or Just Plays… These Are Productions Of Substance. Through the efforts of this dynamic group of gifted and talented collaborates, productions such as the annual presentation of the Christmas musical about the birth of Jesus Christ called, “A Gospel Christmas”. The highly acclaimed and moving portrayal of slavery to salient American life
through the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the annual presentations of “The Dream”, along with a myriad of One Scene Plays sm (O.S.P.s) included “Mary, Martha – Mary, Martha”, “So You Wanna Fight”, “The Alabaster Box Woman”, all presented in various venues throughout the year through the effort of CMB Theater Production Group.

Opportunities & Assistance Awaits Aspiring Theater Participants…
Professional Actors, Directors, Producers and many others along with fresh start theater volunteers work together to bring insight and understanding the world of on stage and on set productions.

Upcoming Show Schedule

“A Gospel Christmas!” – Sunday, December 21st 2014 @ 6:30pm 
@ Pacific Center – Tacoma, WA

“The Dream 2014″ Coming Friday, January 30th 2015
@ Renton Civic Theater – Renton, WA 

Many volunteers are provided training by professionals in the field of theater through various training classes and workshops provided throughout the year for the participants.

CMB Theater Production Group

CMB Theater Group
A Division of Northco Development Inc.
P.O. Box 531
Renton, WA 98057

Founder – Artistic Director / Playwright
Kathy Lynette (Hill) Shorter
(Born – Carolyn Michele Baumgart)
CMB Theater Productions
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