Media Elite Advertising

Media Elite Productions are the Creators and Producers of “The Don And Kathy Live!” Television and Radio programs, along with a myriad of national and international media products, commercials, web presentations, productions and film projects presented on the screen, television, and on the web, originating in the United States, Canada and around the world. Listen on BlogTalk Radio 24/7 – 365 on the worldwide web.  Watch “Don And Kathy Live!” television programs on KTBW Channel 20 Seattle / Tacoma on Mondays at 12 Midnight & Thursdays at 9:00am… In Portland, Oregon watch DonAndKathyLive! on Mondays at 11:30pm and Thursdays at 8:30am on KNMT – TV 24. =======================================================================

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To invite Don and Kathy Shorter to your next conference, convention or seminar email us at or call (425) 646-2390.